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When the quality of the opposition makes things easier

By Patrick Jourdain • 28 February, 2014

Gabriel Chagas

On Vugraph Gabriel Chagas opened 3 spades and the defence

Bridge & Humor: Diary of a Palooka

By Ana Roth • 28 February, 2014


A Roman Catholic Church, in the confessional box.

Feed Your Head: Brain Food for Athletes

By Ana Roth • 28 February, 2014

brain food

Did you ever consider that food can affect your brain’s performance?

Goren on Bridge: A Jean Besse Prowess

By Charles Goren • 28 February, 2014

Charles Goren

Jean Besse is one of the world’s greatest players.

Game Tries by Bernard Magee

By Ana Roth • 28 February, 2014

Bernard Magee

The only difference is in the red suits; surely these two hands are worth the same?

Sjoert Brink and Bas Drijver…not in Croatia…

By Neapolitan Club • 27 February, 2014


The two Dutch Stars will be engaged in the Chinese league which takes place at the same time with the European Open Championship.

Bridge Road Warriors 2014 # 18

By GS Jade Barrett • 27 February, 2014

GS Jade Barrett

A large number of bridge accidents are the result not of bad methods, but poor choices.

When the Opponents Interfere in Slam Bidding

By Marilyn Hemenway • 27 February, 2014

Marilyn Hemenway

Occasionally when you and your partner are in the midst of doing some fine tuned slam bidding, venturesome opponents decide to interfere.

A V. Mollo Hand by Ira Corn

By Ana Roth • 27 February, 2014

Victor Mollo

Witness Mollo unusual play in today’s slam contract.

Bridge & Humor: You are always smiling at the bridge table

By Ana Roth • 27 February, 2014

Bridge cartoon 82 ing

You must be such a lovely person to play with…