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Delta Swiss Semifinal I: Visitors from Afar

By Hanan Sher • 25 March, 2012

As might be expected in a land where the Divine Right of Kings superseded even the Law of Total Tricks

Diamond leads the way to Vanderbilt semis

By Ana Roth • 24 March, 2012


The team captained by John Diamond breezed into the semifinal round of the Vanderbilt Knockout Teams with a decisive win over the Lou Ann O’Rourke squad, who withdrew after three quarters trailing by 101 IMPs. Diamond will face the…

Internet makes long-distance partnerships much easier

By Ana Roth • 23 March, 2012

"A Madala-N. Bocchi Del Monte-Bessis en Memphis 2012"

It’s not unusual for Ishmael Delmonte to sit down at his computer about midnight for a practice session with his partner, Thomas Bessis. For Bessis, the session starts at 1:30 p.m.