31 October – 2 November 2016

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The 1st Yeh Online Bridge World Cup will take place 31 October – 2 November 2016 under the auspices of the World Bridge Federation.


This Mixed Teams event will be the first live online Bridge Show, featuring the greatest champions and biggest personalities associated with the game and a top class team of commentators who will analyze the deals for the watching online spectators.

Team EUROPE-LAVAZZA (based in Turin at the headquarters of Lavazza) will include the women who currently hold the top two positions in the world rankings, Sylvie Willard and Benedicte Cronier, alongside Maria Teresa LavazzaNorberto BocchiGiorgio Duboin, Agustin Madala.

Team USA-BBO (based in Seattle) will be Bob Hamman (the all time number 1 in the world rankings) playing with Jill Meyers (number 2 on the all time women’s list) Fred Gitelman & Sheri Winestock and Bill Gates and Sharon Osberg.

Team CCBA (based in Beijing) will comprise Mr Zeng Peiyan, former vice premier for economy & General secretary of the Asian Economic Forum, Mr Guo Jinlong, former Mayor of Beijing plus Chinese World Champions: Gu Ling, Sun Shaolin, Zhang Bangxiang, Li Jianwei.

Team CHEN YEH (also playing in Beijing) will include Mr Chen Yeh who will be joined by World Champions: Shih Juei-Yu, Chen Dawei, Sun Ming, Zhang Ya-lan, Wang Ping.

At each venue, remotely controlled webcams will monitor each player, streaming live images across the Internet. Every match will be broadcast live using Ourgame and Bridge Base Online.

The best bridge journalists from around the world will cover the event with voice and written commentaries and there will be instant Daily Bulletins online. Social media will be utilised to the fullest extent with dedicated accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

These are the Convention cards for 2016 Yeh Online World Cup (Source: Ecats)

BBO Team Lavazza Team CCBA Team YBM Team