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Monday, 21 September 2015

This year in May, the bridge world suffered a great loss: The New York Times decided not to continue with its daily bridge column, which for many years was written by the great author Phillip Alder. In his latest column Phillip wrote: It is tough to write one’s final column. But I must pay particular tribute to Alan Truscott.

But though Phillip can no longer be read daily in paper, it does not mean you can not continue reading him daily. He has opened a splendid website  where you can find:

  • two lengthy New York Times style article, which subscribers receive on Monday and Thursday.
  • a daily quiz question.
  • Monday through Saturday bidding quizzes, in theory getting harder as the week progresses.
  • On Sunday, one gets a declarer-play or defense problem.

All answers are sent the following day.

Phillip is also planning on offering his syndicated columns through the Store, but he explains: it is taking longer to get everything organized than I had expected.

We are confident that this new venture will be a success as to which we are accustomed by Phillip.

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