InicioCard Play @enWroclaw 2013: Daily Play Problem VII

Wroclaw 2013: Daily Play Problem VII

Fuente: 24th European Youth Team Championships Boletines.

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West led the jack of diamonds. You win the opening lead in your hand, what’s your plan? Play on hearts? Play a club to the ace?


The best method to set up the hearts is to play low from your hand twice. If the suit breaks 3-3 or West has only two honours the contract will be safe. The defense will defend best by returning trumps every time they get in, therefore that method will fail when the full lay-out is as above.

Instead, you should play on a reverse dummy. Win the opening lead in your hand, play a club to dummy’s ace and ruff a club high. Cash the king of diamonds and play a diamond to dummy’s queen, ruff another club high and enter dummy with a trump to finally get a third club ruff high, then you have all the tricks you need.

If you suspect that the diamonds might be 5-2, you shouldn’t cash the king of diamonds (use the entry to ruff clubs) and you can still make it if trumps are 3-2 or if you later on will be able to win your last diamond trick.


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