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Win at Bridge by Oswald Jacoby

The Milwaukee Journal – Oct 18, 1976 by Oswald Jacoby and his son Jim Jacoby

James Jacoby
Jim Jacoby

Jim Jacoby: «Bridge Analysis» by British International Boris Shapiro is a collection of hands from actual play, he starts with a chapter on bridge humor.

Oswald Jacoby: The humor in this hand was not appreciated by East and West. South really should have opened one club. With five vermano jacobyy good clubs and five very bad spades you break the rule of bidding the higher ranking five card suit first.

Anyway he opened one spade, North raised to two spades and South jumped to six.

Jim Oswald: West opened the king of hearts and instead of showing any signs of distress, South took his singleton Ace, cashed the ace of diamonds and led a low spade toward dummy. West hopped up with the ace, dropping his
partner’s jack. Then he tried to cash the queen of hearts.

South ruffed, dropped East’s queen of spades and brought home his ridiculous slam.

Oswald Jacoby: The humor here is very British. At first glance West looks like an Idiot. Actually, the fault lay with East. He dropped his deuce of diamonds on that first diamond lead!!. IT waS an expert!! or supposed expert game. Had East played the three spot, West would have read him for two diamonds and seen what South was up to.



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