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White House Junior International 2017 by Roland Wald

March 24, 2017

White House Junior Internationals in Amsterdam

Roland Wald
Roland Wald

In 1993, love for bridge in general and youth bridge in particular made Kees Tammens, residing in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and some friends take the initiative to arrange an annual tournament for players all over Europe. Kees is still going strong, so next week the White House Junior Internationals can celebrate its 25th anniversary.

It started in ‘s Hertogenbosch and in 2004 the event moved to Amsterdam, first in café Twee Klaveren (Two Clubs) and two years later in the house for bridge: Het Witte Huis (The White House).

Kees Tammens
Kees Tammens

Junior bridge players from 21 countries, 24 teams in total, will get together and enjoy a week of high quality and fun bridge in one of the most beautiful cities. I’ll be at the venue to comment on the play on BBO Vugraph from Monday through Friday. Remember to tune in and enjoy the youngsters, the future of bridge, in action.

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