Mar 31, 2017

Dear friends:

Kees Tammens
Kees Tammens

After six days of exciting bridge we look at the final of WHJI-2017 between Poland (gaining a rebirth in intermediate final B and beating Israel and England in de Quarter and Semifinal) against the Netherlands White that overcome the strong team of Sweden in the semifinal.
So today 3 sessions of fourteen boards for the Caroussel Cup

starting at BB at 11.00, 13.00 and 15.30
The remaining pairs will play a pairs tournament(27 boards); since the spring is beautiful in Amsterdam I expect (I even encourage this)  many of them to give preference at sightseeing (and maybe visit a museum!?)
I want to thank you all for giving publicity to this junior event.
A request: if in your country there are written ariticles (website, magazin of federation, bridge magazins, journals), please cut them out and give these pieces to me in Slovakia during the European Junior Championships.
One thing is sure: we will all together carry on in promoting and organising bridge for the youth, the only way to keep this game alive and kicking!
Kindest regards, hope to meet you again
Gilad Ofir wrote: «Great tourney as always. You are the best and we appreciate your efforts».
Fernando Lema: «Thank You Kees for your efforts to have a South American pair in the event this year, we apreciate it a lot». 

By ferlema