Helen Sobel Smith

The Post and Courier – 3 Jun 1994 by Alfred Sheinwold y Frank Stewart

Alfred Sheinwold
Alfred Sheinwold

When was Bridge First on TV? asked The Bridge World a few months ago.

Answering its own question, the magazine reports that on October, 7, 1943, an experimental program was broadcast by pioneers at General Electric to the approximately 260 owners of television sets within 50 miles of Schenectady,N.Y.

Frank Stewart
Frank Stewart

On the program, Albert H. Morehead, then bridge columnist for the New York Times, commented on 11 rubber as it was played by Bill and Morge McKenncy against Al and Helen Sobel.

McKenney was executive secretary of the American Contract Bridge League, and Sobel was his chief tournament director, but they were both eminently forgettable; Helen Sobel was one of the best bridge players in the world of that or ony other time, as she indicated sitting East in the deal shown today.

Al Sobel
Al Sobel


West led the King and Ace of hearts, Mrs. Sobel, East, trumped the ace of hearts and switched to a club.

 «Partner,» Sobel gasped (as repported in the The Bridge World). «you trumped my ace ‘… Thanks»

West dealer  North-South vulnerable

  A K J 10
A K Q 5
6 5 3
A K 10 9 5 3
10 7 4
A Q 8 
  7 6 4
J 9 6 3 2
10 9 7 2
Q 9 8 5 3
8 7 6 2
K J 4
West North East South
1 DBL Pass 1
2 2 Pass 3
Pass 4 The end  

Opening lead: K