Well Done Partner by Fulvio Fantoni

Fulvio Fantoni en Ostende 2013
Fulvio Fantoni en Ostende 2013

Ciao 🙂 we reached the final of the Mixed Pairs Championship.

  I’d like to tell you about a nice board played by Iolanda.

2013 06 17 m1

2013 06 17 m1l1

1 = Polish Club
1 = 0-7
X = we don’t have agreements, but any interpretation can work here
3NT = being  4/3, playing NT is ok… besides Iolanda is playing the hand and I am sure she will make 🙂

So the contract is 3NT by Iolanda (South).

Lead: A.

After the A lead, West plays the Q, East discarding  and Iolanda taking with the K.

Now she can count: 3 tricks in , 2 tricks in , 1 trick in  (already made) and one more trick in  (in fact she has 9 and 10x).

She needs 2 more tricks, and so: Click here to continue Reading