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Weakness in Dummy by Julian Pottage Part II

In the Part I, we considered the position where dummy had a weak suit and you could lead round to it. You may recall that leading the suit was often safe and frequently attacking. This time we willstudy the complimentary position in which dummy has a weak suit but you sit to its left. As you will see, this new situation tends to be less productive and involves more risk. All the same, it can be a good idea to lead a suit in which at least one opponent is weak. If you and your partner hold the bulk of the strength, you can surround declarer’s high cards.
We begin, however, with when you have a worthless holding in the key suit.
   8 6 5  
 9 4 3       J 10 7
   A K Q 2  
This suit is safe for you, West, to lead.Declarer can score nothing other than what is due.
   8 6 5  
 9 4 3      Q 10 7
   A K J 2  

 The same probably applies on this second layout. Declarer’s normal play in the suit is to finesse East for the queen. So, assuming dummy has an entry to spare, leading the suit does nothing that your opponent could not do anyway.

   8 6 5  
 9 4 3      Q J 2
   A K 10 7  
Partner’s holding is stronger still and, again, your side has no obvious tricks due in the suit. In this layout declarer   would, if you did  not lead the suit, require …Click Here to continue reading

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