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Weakness in Dummy by Julian Pottage Part I

Ideally, of course, you want to take actions that combine attack with safety. For this, an effective strategy tends to be to lead round to a weak suit in dummy.

                 8 6 5
 A Q 4 3                 J 10 7
                 K 9 2

As East, this is a good suit to lead, and the right card is the jack. If declarer ducks, you hold the lead and can continue the suit. This allows your side to cash three tricks (four in no-trumps).

                8 6 5
 K 9 4 3                 J 10 7
                A Q 2

Trading the high cards around slightly still makes a heart lead (strictly speaking, switch) attractive. Again, the jack works best. If declarer ducks, you will stay on lead and be able to continue the attack. Most likely, if declarer can afford one heart loser but not two, the ace will go on your jack. This partly protects South’s remaining Q-x from further attack. You (rather than partner) will need to regain the lead in some other suit for your side to be able to continue hearts profitably

                    9 8 5
 A Q J 4 3                   10 7 2
                    K 6

Your holding is weaker and you no longer have a sequence, but this heart suit is still a good suit to lead from the East seat. Not only will doing so allow ….Click Here to continue reading


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