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Scientific Conference
Nicolaus Copernicus University – 20/21 April 2017

A scientific conference is being organised by the Polish Bridge Union together with the EBL and Nicolaus Copernicus University. For the first time in bridge history one of the sections will be dedicated to bridge only. It is being held under the patronage of the Polish Ministry of Science and a numbr of papers, facts and research results will be presented by scientists from various European countries.


The 2017 WWBC will have eight heats this year, held in March, April, May and June with the overall winners of each heat being invited to attend a 3-day Final in Beijing! Clubs from all over the world are welcome to enter this excellent event and enjoy the challenge of the hands provided.

Full details of the 2017 WWBC are available by clicking here – we do hope as many players as possible will join in this excellent tournament.

LOOKING FORWARD TO LYON, 12th – 26th August 2017

The World Teams – the Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup, d’Orsi Seniors Trophy
the World Transnational Open Teams will start on Monday 21st August
and the Youth Open Championships will be played from 14th to 24th August.
All the Championships will be played at the ​Cité Centre De Congrés

The World Teams Championships:

The World Youth Open Championships: