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Assael team wins the Vilnius Cup 2015:

 Mustafa Cem-Tokay;  Alfredo Versace;  Nezih Kubac;  Nafiz Zorlu

All the VV 2015 Winners:  

vilnius cup 2015 ganadores

The VV Cup 2015 this year had 100 000 euro in prizes. The VV Cup consisted of two stages; the first one was open for everyone. The top-placed teams of this stage received “an entry ticket” to the Main event (scheduled for September, 4-6th). Those three days were indeed a great opportunity to meet the world-class bridge “Stars” and enjoy top-quality bridge in luxury environment. Finally yet importantly, the participants of the Main event received attractive cash prizes.

The Preliminary stage was played at the Vilnius Grand Resort, this stage was open for everyone. Each team consisted of no more than 6 players.

vv cup hotel

The Main tournament was played at the IDW Esperanza Resort, 8 qualifiers from the Preliminary stage met 8 teams invited by the Organizers and seeded.

Along with the Main tournament, the International Bridge Festival Vilnius Cup was held in Vilnius and played at the Vilnius Grand Resort on September 4-6th.