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Video-Interview to Pablo Lambardi

Buenos Aires, January 11; 2014

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Next Monday January 13th 2014 Pablo Lambardi will fly to Australia to participate in the most important Australian teams event the: South-West Pacific Teams Championship, part of the [ilink url=»»]Canberra Summer Festival[/ilink] .

Stephen Burgess and Paul Marston
Stephen Burgess and Paul Marston

 Fifteen years ago Pablo won the South-West Pacific Teams Championship  playing in a team with :

Pablo Lambardi-Matthew Thomson-Paul Marston- Ashley Bach-Steven Burgess-Gabi Lorentz

and this year Gabi Lorentz wanted to repeat the experience.

 This same team after Canberra will be playing the [ilink url=»»]2014 NEC[/ilink] in Yokohama; Japan. Pablo yet knows to win the NEC, something he explains us in the video.

A funny video that we hope you all enjoy, in the same way as we enjoyed making it.

The Csbnews interviewed Pablo and these is what he told us:


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