NABC New orleans 2015Sunday, March 22th 2015

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Vanderbilt results in Bridgewinners, at the end of each set

First two sets results:

1 Diamond [16] 51 65
2 Lavazza [3] 11 34

After the first two sets, Diamond was winning 24 IMPs. In the third set, Lavazza managed to tie the match on the Board 13 and Lavazza ended the set… These were some of the double swings of the set Vander 2015 Final Tab 7

 Board 7

Zia and Duboin arrived very quickly to 3NT. Declarer finessed twice clubs to arrive to his ninth trick, at the other table Hampson- Greco played 1NT.Vander 2015 Final Tab 8

 Board 8

 Jacobus opened 2c, showing a limited hand with long clubs, Zia showed his spades and Wold delared the heart game, end of story.

Duboin led his SA and changed to a club. Wold played the cA, pitched a spade from hand, played the hK, a diamond to the queen, ruffed the last spade loser…afterwards he lose the trump queen for 11 tricks.Vander 2015 Final Tab 8 a

At the other table Bocchi opened 1c, Greco showed his spades and Madala transfered to hearts with 2d. Hampson supported his partner’s suit. Bocchi chose to sat 3c and Greco ataqued with 4S, Madala alerted his Pass, his partner had to chose between double or bid…Bocchi doubled.

 The only lead that gaves a possible line to declarer is the hA…and that was Madala’s lead. Greco ruffed in his hand, played the SK and continued with the S5, Madala played in tempo his S6….and Greco, after thinking various minutes…played the S9…when he won the trick, he played the SA, and a club, claiming his contract…

A wise guess that gave his team 14 IMPs if he would have played the SA, he would have been two down = -300…4 IMPs…Vander 2015 Final Tab 9

Board  9

Zia opened 2NT and Duboin’s 4h showed long clubs with values…no one could stop them until slam. The declarer made 13 easy tricks. At the other table E/W played 3NT….

Lavazza added 22 IMPs more in boards 12 and 13…the match was tied…another 16 IMps in next two boards and Lavazza was leading the match…102 to 84.

Only 15 boards to the end …will continue