NABC New orleans 2015Sunday, March 22th 2015

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Vanderbilt results in Bridgewinners, at the end of each set

At the end of the first set of the 2015 Vanderbilt final, where Lavazza is playing against Diamond…Diamond was leading by 40 IMPs. Only 4 boards originated almost the whole difference, these are three of them:NO 2015 Vander Final Tab 4 a

Board 4

After a strong 1c opening bid, Greco imposed diamond as trumps, and when the pair counted enough keycards they declared the diamond slam.

Declarer won Madala’s club lead with the cA, draw trumps and played the S10. Madala covered with his SK and Greco won the trick with the SA, next trick he lost a spade and claimed 12 tricks.

At the other table Duboin-Zia chose to play 4S in the 5-2 fit, and they lost 13 IMPs. NO 2015 Vander final tab 10

Board 10

 In this board both tables arrived to the same contract of 5c, where  Bocchi was declarer, Greco led his third diamond and the contract was doomed…Norberto lost the hA, the dA and one spade.

At the other table, Zia Mahmood was on lead and decided to be really aggressive, he led his third spade: S7. So declarer didn’t lose a spade trick and made his contract, adding 10 IMPs for his team.

NO 2015 Vander final tab  4

Board 12

After Duboin’s 1d opening bid, Zia showed his spade suit, West limited his hand with 1NT, Zia asked for spade support with his forcing game 2d, Duboin was able now to show his 4 heart cards and no spade support. Zia chose to play the spade game. Two spade tricks and the hK & hA sealed the fate of the contract: one down.NO 2015 Vander final tab 12 a

 At the other table Hampson also opened 1d and Greco answered 1S, Hampson continued with 2c, alerted as various types of limited hands with no spade support, Greco continued with 2h fourth suit, forcing to game. Now the partnership entered in a bidding sequence where Hampson described his exact distribution, helping his partner to find the best spot…finally they landed in 3NT.

 Declarer won the small club lead with the cJ and continued with the SA, SQ an SJ, Madala covered with the SK…and returned the dJ. But declarer had his 9 tricks: 5 spades, two diamonds, two clubs…and 10 IMPs.