Source: Daily Bridge Column by Frank Stewart

September 25, 2012

«I heard you tried to advise Wendy about her dummy play,» I said to Cy the Cynic. Cy, a chauvinist, and Wendy, my club’s feminist, are fierce adversaries. «Never give a woman advice,» Cy growled. «Don’t give her anything she can’t wear.»

Lead: Jmano Frank stewart 1

Wendy had played at six spades. She took the ace of diamonds, came to her ace of clubs and led a heart to the queen. East took the king and led a club, and Wendy ruffed, took the A-K of trumps and ace of hearts, and ruffed a heart in dummy. When East discarded, Wendy threw a heart on the king of diamonds but still lost a heart.


«I remarked that the slam was cold,» the Cynic sighed. «Wendy said her play was fine and unlucky to fail, and who did I think I was anyway?»

At Trick Two South must take the king of diamonds and pitch her ace of clubs! She next leads the queen of clubs and discards a heart. West wins, but South can ruff the diamond return, draw trumps ending in dummy, and throw three more hearts on the high clubs.