Hi from Omaha ūüôā
the adventure started with the lost of my luggage. Besides, as the opening times of the shops coincide with the times of play, there is no time for the shopping. But, after all, the situation is not bad for me:Rumen Trendafilov¬†lent me a wonderful Nike t-shirt, while¬†David Berkowitz¬†provided me with underwear, very comfortable and high quality socks and three of his shirts. Two of these are original shirts of the American team, so authentic that¬†David‘s name is embroided on them. So, there are two¬†Berkowitzwalking in the play rooms, do you think they would notice if I try to slink in the meetings of the American team in order to try to worm out their tactics?
Joking apart, thank you very muchDavid¬†and¬†Rumen! ūüôā

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