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United States Bridge Championships Starts Friday

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United States Bridge Championships Starts Friday Seymon Deutsch has been hospitalized (we don’t know any more than that – hopefully this will be a minor bump in the road for one of our favorite bridge players), and will be unable to compete in this year’s USBC. He has been replaced by Reese Milner and the rest of the team roster has changed somewhat. The Milner team will be Reese Milner-Hemant LallJohn Kranyak-Gavin Wolpert and Kevin Bathurst-Justin Lall. The two new partnerships have submitted new System Summary Forms, which are available from the team list or by clicking on the partnership name in the last sentence.

The change in roster changes the seeding order for the USBC. A new ranking of teams by seeding points and new seeding point schedule are now posted. The Milner team is 11th on the list of teams and therefore would be number 8 among the Round Robin teams. Because we had already prepared lineup submission forms and assignment cards for the teams with the Deutsch team assigned number 6 in the list of Round Robin teams and the team numbering in the Round Robin is for convenience only, we have not changed the numbering for the Round Robin. The Milner team’s seeding points will of course be used to set the Round of 16 bracket, if they qualify for the Round of 16.

We all wish Seymon a speedy recovery and hope to see him again very soon!

Source: USBF

The 2012 USBC, which will select the Open USBF team for the 2012 World Bridge Games this summer, starts on Friday, April 27th at 10:00 am. The 2012 USBC is being held at the Woodfield Hyatt in Schaumburg, IL. There are 18 teams entered, 3 of which have byes to the Knockout phase of competition. The other 15 teams will be playing a complete Round Robin on Friday and Saturday. Eleven of those teams will advance from the Round Robin to the Round of 16, which starts Sunday, April 29th. The Fleisher team will join those 11 teams in the Round of 16, which is a Knockout round played on Sunday and Monday. The six winners from the Round of 16 will join Nickell & Diamond in the Quarterfinal on Tuesday and Wednesday. Click Here to continue reading

The Knockout stages of play will be shown on BBO Vugraph. Detailed information. 

Source: USBF


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