Two-Over-One by Eric Rodwell (Part I)

 Two-over-one game force (2/1) is a variation of standard methods. It applies in the following situation:

• Opener bids 1, 1, or 1.
• The next player passes.
• Responder bids a new suit at the two level without jumping.

The new suit response at the two level is a marathon bid , forcing to at least game. Notice that 2/1 does not apply after a 1♣ opening. Diamonds, hearts, and spades can all be bid at the one level; bidding them at the two level would require
a jump. One level responses in a suit are forcing , but they are not forcing to game.

In standard methods, a two level response is forcing, but not forcing to game. To see why 2/1 has become popular and how it can make some auctions easier to handle, let’s look at some examples: Click Here to continue reading.