Two Minutes with Gabriella Olivieri by Angie Bach

Gabriela Olivieri
Gabriela Olivieri en Barcelona
Angie Bach corresponsal CSBNews en España
Angie Bach corresponsal CSBNews en España

Barcelona, February 10th 2014

Today I’m sharing a coffee with Gabriella Olivieri Italian Grand Master, who since 1987 has represented her country in many competitions.

1- Hello Gabriela  ¿Do you like to play Bridge?

Yessss, playing bridge is my passion.

2-Recently Italy used a trial method for their Ladies Team named «Club Rosa» ¿your opinion regarding this experience?.

I do not like it because it is a pairs trials and not a teams trials.

3- ¿Do you think that by this method Italy reached the goal to find the best ladies team?


Gabriela Olivieri y Team Milner
Gabriela Olivieri y Team Milner

4) In Lille 2012 (France) you won one of the most important tournaments in the world ¿What can you tell us about it?

 An incredible experience, the team was: Petra Hamman, Meike Wortel, Hemant Lall, Hacek Pszczola y Reese Milner.

 Every bridge player dreams of winning a championship like that at least once in their life. And I guess I have not wasted my time playing bridge.

5- ¿What was the happiest moment and the most miserable of your bridge career?

The happiest was in 1987 on my first European Team Championships where we finished second and qualified for the World Championship. Then we won the bronze medal in Ocho Rios (Jamaica)

The most miserable: when you lose something you are not happy.


6- ¿What are your favorite tournaments?

I enjoy the teams tournaments teams, only the most important pairs tournaments

7- ¿What do you do when you are not playing bridge?

I live in my home and take care of my son

8- Books, Music, movies, movies directors

I like classic music and music from the 70’s & 80’s

Movies directors: Fellini, Scorcese

9- ¿The best player in the world today?

Agustin Madala, Alfredo Versace, Geir Helgemo and Norberto Bocchi.

Judi Radin
Judi Radin

10- and ¿in the Ladies category?

Judi Radin de U.S.A.

11- ¿Who would you choose to play a major tournament?

I would like to play with an Italian team member

12- ¿How must be a man to be your Bridge partner?

He must be handsome, nice and rich

Finally do you remember some funny anecdote!!

When I won at Lille, it was not in my program to stay and play but as they asked me, I decided to  play.

Muchísimas gracias Gabriela..Eres realmente encantadora, simpática y divertida..