This weekend, in Ireland, it is being played the second and final weekend of the Camrose Trophy 2013. BBO VG broadcasted England vs Northern Ireland.

This time England sat in N / S Robson-Allfrey and E / W Gold-Forrester, Northern Ireland sat on N / S Greenwood-Anderson and in E / W  were Mackenzie-Campbell.

The first two hands were a push, the first difference appeared in the third board. It was only a 3 IMPs swing thanks to the excellent defenses that were developed in the two tables.

In one of the tables N / S played 3NT.

  Double dummy N/S have minimum 6 hearts tricks and 4 spades tricks if the lead isnt a club.

 Forrester lead his 6. Anderson played a little club from dummy and Gold won the trick with his A and switched to his 10, after wining the trick he continued with his 5. Anderson played the K, covered by Forrester. He continued with his K and the J. Gold played the Q and run all his diamonds…3 down….all unique moves to defeat the contract.

 In the other table, N/S chose a different contract, but E/W also found the correct defense… in N/S for England were playing Robson-Allfrey, and Allfrey chose to play 4.

 Mackenzie in East lead his 2, Robson played the K,  Campbell won the trick.

Next came a club switch, East won with the A and played his last club. Now was West who won with his K to return a club, giving his partner a ruff, for one down…all unique moves to defeat the contract.

In both tables the protagonists were the defenders, a failure in any of the defenses would have produced a double-digit swing.

Two good defenses for 3IMPs…really cheap…

The match first segment ended NIreland: 43 – England : 28.

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