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Two Different Grands in the Same Board

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Campeon de Clubes Europeos
GS Allegra

The 13th edition of the Champion’s Cup was played from November 13th to 15th at the headquarters of the FIGB in Milan, Italy. Based on popular request the qualification stage for the first time consisted of a full round-robin between all twelve teams. 

In spite of being over 20 IMPs down at halftime, Turin’s GS Allegra once again emerged victorious after the second segment of the final. They thus register their fourth consecutive (!) win in this prestigious event, and their fifth overall, still one short of Angelini’s record six wins.

In the board 9 from the  First Round of the Champions Cup, only three pairs sitting E /W declared and played a Grand Slam in hearts, a fourth pair sitting N / S declared seven spades in defense and the rest of the pairs only played slam in heart.

Table Home Team Visiting Team Room Cont. Decl. Lead Tricks NS EW Home Res. Vis Res.
G.S. ALLEGRA ITA  ASD PESCARA BRIDGE ITA  Open 6  2   13    1460     
Closed 6  J   13    1460 
BK LAVEC SMILE SWE  TITAN BUL  Open 6  3   13    1460     
Closed 6  J   13    1460 
SCHALTZ DEN  RUCH SA WROCLAW POL  Open 6  4   13    1460     
Closed 6  4   13    1460 
ZALESKI FRA  ALLFREY ENG  Open 7 K     1700  11   
Closed 7  3   13    2210 
HEIMDAL BK NOR  MONACO FMB  Open 6  3   13    1460  13   
Closed 7  J   13    2210 
BAREKET ISR  BAMBERGER REITER GER  Open 7  3   13    2210    13 
Closed 6  A   13    1460

EBL Champions Cup 2014 R1 B 9

Here is Thomas Bessis explaining how he arrived to the 7 hearts Grand Slam in Round 1, board 9:

Afterwards Simon approached Philippe Cronier and asked him what had happened in his table:


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