Canberra 2016Buenos Aires January 21, 2016

 An argentinian in New York is a film released on May 21, 1998, directed by Juan José Jusid and performed by Guillermo Francella and Natalia Oreiro. The film was a hit in Argentine cinemas. The title came to my mind when I started to  kibitz in BBO the argentine partnership: Agustin Madala -Alejandro Bianchedi playing the NOT QF in Australia, for the Lavazza team. (NOT = Australian National Open teams).  Finally Lavazza won the match, and advanced to the semifinals.

After a first board where the Lavazza team had given one IMP away, board number 2 appeared over the table. After East’s pass, Bianchedi opened 1 and West after a moment of reflection, jumped to 4. Another two pass; and Bianchedi competed with 4.

Two new pass, and now was Nunn turn to define the 5 contract, Alejandro doubled showing defense values. West passed…and Madala started to feel uncomfortable… As Agustin was thinking, all who were watching the four hands, could see that the contract was cold … Finally Madala decided to bid 5, and finally was West who decided to double.

 Lead: K

West led his K, Nunn decided to win the trick with his ace and returned the J.

Wilkinson in West ruffed, and thinking that his partner could have two hearts, and not wanting to return for a ruff and sluff, returned his A, only card to give a chance to win the hand to declarer.  Bianchedi ruffed in his hand and began to reconsider the situation. The diamond return was premature, showing an uncomfortable West…the declarer had no place to discard his diamond losers … If West had a nine cards heart suit and he tried to ruff a heart in dummy, he could be over-ruffed for down one …


Alejandro finally decided to play the ace of spades, and was rewarded when he saw West’s K over the table. Now it was just a matter of playing a spade to the jack to continue with the Q for a ruffing finesse, when Nunn chose to play low, Alejandro claimed his contract.

At the other table Bocchi-Bilde for the Lavazza team played 5 doubled, making 12 tricks…

17 IMPs for Lavazza. The team eventually won the match by 53-17 ….

Watch the video of the hand in question; observe the player’s timings in the auction and the play: