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Tromso Cathedral
Tromso Cathedral (winter)

Tromso, June 27, 2015

Tromso is a unique city, divided by fjords, one side is the commercial part of which yesterday I posted some photos and sea across the residential part where the Arctic Cathedral is also located. With an incredible modern design it was inspired by an iceberg! it is used for concerts and they are always at midnight.

catedral tromso
catedral Artica (today)
 This city is the gateway to the Arctic, it has a permanent population of 70,000 people and is located between fjords and mountains with seagulls flying over your heads and if someone is eating something, they quickly come to ask for food, it is curious how bold they are. Unfortunately the famous northern lights are visible only during the winter, ie until April.
Today began the 7th European Open Championships. After breakfast with coffee, juice and a lot of salmon, I went to the playing area and it seemed I was entering into the Babel Tower, and although some words were recognizable for any bridge player it was amazing to hear so many different languages….ahhh… is always nice to meet again with friends that you are only able to see once or twice a year.
Mark Horton
Mark Horton
This year I was fortunate to be invited by the EBL (European Bridge Legue) to join the team of journalists led by the famous bridge writer: Mark Horton. I will be interviewing players during the even, so I invite you all to send me the questions you might want to do to your favorite players. Send them to me via email: ferlema@netizen.com.ar , or via twitter: @ferlema57 or you can send me a Facebook message.
While smoking outside the playing area with some friends, I was complaining about the cold and Max Bavin Co-Head Director of the event said to me, «Fernando this could be worse» and added: «It could be raining!»
The first tournament to be played is the Mixed Teams Championship, during 3 days, a Swiss, 15 Round -10 boards each and only will continue the first 16 teams.
All the standings after the first 5 rounds: Click Here. Thats all folks!!!
 Ahhh … I forgot today photos:

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