January 19th, 2014

Hi all ­čÖé
a couple of weeks without competitive dates usually mean total relax: spending some time with my sonand Iolanda, going out for dinner with friends and watching some movies. Of course in a way some work is necessary, for example putting mails and documents in order, because after many days of absence they are amassed.

Iolanda y Lul├╣
Iolanda y Lul├╣

Anyway, thanks to the new entry of the house there’s no need to order the papers anymore: Lul├╣ destroys all of them!

The moment when you realize that it is time to wash the floor can be a little frustrating, but Lul├╣ solves this problem, too: by disseminating her business everywhere she forces us to clean the floor many times per hour.

I was almost on the point to make a plea like: ┬źI exchange bridge suggestions with advices abuot how to educate the puppy┬╗, when Iolanda and I gave up and started with the bad looks and reproach method. It works, but it’s an hard task raising the voice against this wonderful puppy.

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