Eugene Register-Guard – 27 Jul 1964

From time to time readers want to know why bridge columns neglect part-score hands in favor of more sensational games and slams. There is a good reason for this neglect. Part-score hands are not only likely to be of little interest to many readers but, in addition, they are far harder to write about.aaxx

South holds off a couple of spade leads but has to win the third. He wants to attack either diamonds or clubs and should start with the clubs because he can certainly develop two club tricks even though he will lose two club tricks in the process.

He would like to lead clubs from dummy, but there is only one entry to dummy and he may need that later. Hence, he starts by leading the king of clubs. If East wins that trick he will have to lead something back and probably will select a diamond.

South will finesse the ten and knock out West’s queen. West will cash his last spade, but at this point South will have time to knock out the queen of clubs and make his two club tricks. After that South will finesse sucessfully against the king of diamond’s and make his contract.

Should East duck the first club and West win with the second club lead the chances are that West would attack hearts after cashing his good spade. This would spoil South’s timing and he would never get around to making that second diamond trick.