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Thinking in Patterns

Thinking in patterns is more than Important to reach another level in Bridge . One of the greatest mysteries to me is that I know a number of local experts who apply patterns as a matter of course when they are playing the hands. They play the hand “double dummy” because they have everybody’s distribution “read” . Squeezes , endplays , finding cards all stem from thinking in patterns in the first instance. You know LHO is 4-4-3-2 so he will be squeezed in the two 4 card suits he is holding. RHO has pre-empted & shown up with 3 clubs so along with his 7 card suit he is 7-3-2-1 so you strip him of the two cards & the one card & throw him in with his suit so he is endplayed . He must give you a ruff & discard. You know that a finesse is twice as likely to succeed as RHO has twice as many cards in that suit as his partner and on & on.

These same experts have not trained themselves to think in patterns on defense . Translating bidding into patterns is a must have skill. Partner bid 2 , you KQxx and are on lead . Your mind can come up with imaginary demons if you do not translate bidding in patterns automatically. You lead the…Click here to continue reading


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