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Thinking Bridge: Dallas NABC 2nd Day

Dealer: South; Vul: Both
  A Q
10 8 7
K 8
K J 10 9 5 2
10 8 6 3 2
6 4
J 9 3 2
A 3
  K 9 4
9 3
A Q 10 5
8 7 6 4
  J 7 5
A K Q J 5 2
7 6 4
West North East South
Pass 2 Pass 2
Pass 4 All Pass  

 Opening lead: 2. Dummy plays the K. Plan your defense.


Partner has the J. If declarer had it, he would have played low from dummy hoping your partner has the queen as the lead from an ace at trick one is rare.

Your play is to return a low diamond at trick two and get the expected spade shift. If partner has a trump trick or the A, the spade shift will sink his ship.

Declarer erred at trick one. He should play low from dummy, allowing East to win two diamond tricks without subjecting himself to an unwanted spade shift at trick three.

To repeat: When third hand sees 10 cards in a side suit (clubs) between his hand and dummy and the suit is not led, the presumption is that partner has a doubleton (or three) and declarer has a singleton or void. With a singleton, partner might have led the suit.


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