Eddie Kantar

Source: [button link=»http://www.acbl.org/nabc/index.php?a=2013&b=Summer&c=daily_bulletins» window=»yes»]ACBL NABC Atlanta Bulletins[/button]

Opening lead: Q.

Bidding commentary: Some play South’s jump to 2NT in competition as invitational (11-12 highcard points), not forcing. Others play it as a game force, showing 13-15 HCP.

Lead commentary: When partner overcalls and the opponents wind up in notrump, lead partner’s suit unless you have a strong suit of your own with an outside entry.

Defensive commentary: This is a trick-one hand! If North fails to overtake the Q, declarer is home free. South ducks the opening lead, and now that a spade cannot be continued, declarer has time to drive out both club honors and make an overtrick. Because East can see the 8 in dummy, he can afford to overtake the queen and persist with high spades, eventually setting up three spade tricks before South can develop dummy’s clubs. East-West win the race if East plays the K at trick one.

Play commentary: If East fails to play the K on the queen, South should also play low, in effect killing the spade suit. As a defender, if your spot cards warrant overtaking partner’s short-suit lead, do it! The lead may be a singleton.