Opening lead: 10.

Lead commentary: With two equal-length suits, both majors, the suit with the sequence is the preferred lead.

Defensive commentary: East wins the A and returns the 4, original fourth best. It is now clear (or should be) to East-West that hearts are ready to
run – if they can just get in!

Play commentary: As South, you start with eight sure tricks: four spades, one heart, two diamonds and one club. Two finesses are available for extra trick(s), one in a suit missing a queen (diamonds), the other in a suit missing a king (clubs). Which finesse to take? The one that works! Kidding. When two finesses are available, one suit missing a queen, the other a king, play the ace and king in the suit missing the queen. If the queen does not drop, hope that the king in the other suit is onside for a finesse. It’s like having the best of both worlds.