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Thursday 30 October 2014

14th Red Bull World Bridge Series: Open Teams

Finally the Mazurkiewicz team from Poland, won the Gold, the winning team was comprised of:

Piotr GAWRYS (Poland) player
Stanislaw GOLEBIOWSKI (Poland) player
Krzysztof JASSEM (Poland) player
Michal KLUKOWSKI (Poland) player
Marcin MAZURKIEWICZ (Poland) player
Wlodzimierz STARKOWSKI (Poland) player
Marcin MAZURKIEWICZ (Poland) playing captain

Maybe something very striking about the new World Champion is that one of its members, [ilink url=»»]Michal KLUKOWSKI[/ilink] is only 18 years old. During 2014 he participated in the World Youth Bridge Championships, Istanbul 2014, where he was able to take home the bronze medal, although he won the Gold in Taicang 2012, China. We believe that Michal is the youngest player to have won a world bridge Open title.

Klukowski esp chq

In a Neapolitan Club interview Michal commented that he began to play bridge when he was 9 because his parents play bridge. When he was asked: What attracted you to the bridge? His answer was really simple: Its complexity. His dedication to bridge is almost complete; he plays bridge almost every day, and participates in tournaments over the weekend. Regarding the future, he wants to be a bridge professional, but he also dreams to finish college.

These are some boards he played in Sanya.

Sanya 2014 Michal Klukowski, SF 3 de 3 Tab 22

Board 22, 3erd Semifinal Set

 After Wrang’s pass, Klukowski decided to pass (how many young players would have passed with this hand?), Upmark passed and Gawrys opened 1 (the partnership plays a standard Polish Club system), both members showed majors, but after no coincidence Michal invited to game with a 2NT bid and Gawrys closed the game. Declarer had no trouble making 10 tricks..

 At the other table South opened and N/S for some reason couldn’t stop before the club slam. First two defense tricks: A y A…

 Board 17 Sanya 2014 Michal Klukowski, SF 3 de 3 Tab 17, 3rd Semifinal Set

Gawrys opened 1, Wrang said 1 and Klukowski showed his inviting hand with heart support with a 2 cuebid. Upmark defended to 4 and Gawrys invited to the heart Grand Slam showing his two colored unbalanced hand and his lack of problems with spades and clubs. Michal closed the Grand Slam. After ruffing the A lead, declarer claimed 13 tricks.

At the other table E/W sacrificed in 7 and were rewarded with 12IMPs. Sanya 2014 Michal Klukowski, SF 1 de 3 Tab 15

  Board 15, 1st Semifinal Set

Wrang opened, first seat and vulnerable, with a 4 bid, after two pass, Gawrys reopened with a double. Michal said 5 and went one down, but at the other table, after the same opening bid the bidding continued…pass, pass, pass, and declarer made 10 tricks.

Perhaps the most difficult match the Mazurkiewicz team faced was against the Fleisher team, in the quarterfinals.Sanya 2014 Michal Klukowski, QF 3 de 3 Tab 6

Board 6, QF Set 3 of 3

 After Gawrys 1 opening bid and Willenken’s pass, Michal 3 response, showed a weak hand with long diamonds or a strong splinter. Rosenberg double and Gawrys closed the diamond game.

The fate of the champion took Willenken to lead a heart, only lead to win the contract and E /W scored the game. At the other table N / S played 6 one down.

In the Round of 16 Mazurkiewicz faced and defeated the Nickell team: Sanya 2014 Michal Klukowski, R16 Set 2 de 3 Tab 13

 Board 13 Round of 16 Set 2

At one of the tables Gawrys opened 2, showing a weak hand with one of the majors. His partner Michal Klukowski, concentrated on finding out his partner’s suit and in showing his diamond suit. When he find out that his partner had long hearts and short spades, he declared the heart slam. Declarer had no trouble making his contract.

At the other table after North’s 2 opening, South decided to bid 6, he had to protect the spade suit.

Declarer received West’s A lead. East played the 10 and West switched to a heart, defeating the contract…

This board was 17 IMPs for Michal’s team. Sanya 2014 Michal Klukowski, R32 Set 3 de 3 Tab 9

In the Round of 32 Klukowski’s team defeated Rosenthal team:

Board 9, Round of 32 Set 3 of 3

After Hanlon’s 1 opening bid, Gawrys showed his two colored hand : hearts and a minor. Klukowski asked for the minor and when he found out that it was diamond, chose the 3NT game.

Hanlon thinking that Klukowski could have K 10 x x, decided to try to reach his partner’s hand and led a small heart. Klukowski ingles

 Bad idea: Klukowski won the lead with the Q.

After North’s opening bid…South was close to nothing…

Michal played the A, the K and more .

Hanlon won the trick with his Q, and left his hand playing a small diamond…the declarer won with the Q,  run the clubs and three diamonds, he continued endplaying North, so his last trick was the K, for 10 tricks.

At the other table, North opened 1, and Thomas Bessis overcalled 2, his partner showed his club suit with a 3 bid and Thomas watching the misfit chose to pass. Sanya 2014 Michal Klukowski, R32 Set 2 de 3 Tab 22

 Board 22, Round of 32 Set 2 of 3

 After listening his partner bidding spades, Gawrys led the 9. Lorenzini played dummy’s 6 and Klukowski won the trick with the A.

Now Michal switched to the unique suit to defeat the contract.

 He had a spade trick, the K was a second trick, so he needed two more…

 During the bidding Michal learned that the declarer had only one spade, so the defense needed to make two diamond tricks before declarer could discard a diamond loser.

 Klukowski left his hand playing the 5, declarer played low and Gawrys won the trick with his K . The 10 return fulfilled the young champion dreams…one down. At the other table N/S played and made 4.


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