The WBFand BBO present the 8th WBF Womes’s Bridge Festival Online


7 to 13 April 2014

Dear Bridge Players:

Our WBF/BBO Women’s Bridge Festival online is now in its 8th edition. With great satisfaction of the WBF Women’s Committee and of BBO, I can assure you that we have reached all the aims that we intended to when we started to organise this kind of event: serious competitions and amusement – new friends – possibility of training for a pair who intend to participate in national and international Championships – promotion of Bridge in all over the World, with a number of participants increasing year after year, by between 15 and 20%.

Countries participating : 98.

Gianarrigo Rona y Yves Aubry
Gianarrigo Rona y Yves Aubry

Also the WBF President, Gianarrigo Rona and the President of the European Bridge league, Yves Aubry, particularly impressed by these results, offered with enthusiasm to the winner of the overall classification and a partner of her choice, the possibility to participate in the European Women’s pairs Championships (as it was last year, in Ostend ) and to the winners of the previous Festival (November 2013) and of the next ,( April 2014 ) the possibility to go to China, for the “World Women’s Pairs Championship” which will be held in Sanya from October 21st 2014. ( free entry and bed and breakfast accommodation during the Women Pairs Championship.)

I would like you could read the letters I received at this regard: full of enthusiasm, gratitude and thanks!

Then , for the next April Festival, there is news:

Format- 5 tournaments per day: 2 Pairs – 2 individual- 1 individual with robot

Prizes : Added to the wonderful prizes offered by WBF, above described, there will be generous prizes in BBO$: that means ranking prizes in each tourney- prizes for the overall classification- and more, luckydraws and fun prizes. In all the tournaments, BBO Master Points will be assigned. WBF Online Points will also be assigned to the top 20 Players in the overall classification.

Schedule : European time: 11.00 Individual- 14.30 Individual with Robot- 16.10 Individual- 20.00 Pairs- 00.00 Pairs (Different schedule for the other part of the World, has to be added)

Participation: in order to be able to participate in this fantastic Festival, all the Players have to:

  1. be registered on BBO and have their nick-name
  2. to be registered in the Women’s Online World Bridge Club (please check if you are already registered, visiting the link: , and clicking on “Registered Nicks”.
  3.  If you are not registered, you must do it, filling the form that you will find on:
  4. enter each time to the tournaments of the Festival on BBO. Please take note that it is not obligatory to play all the tournaments but, more you play… biggest is the possibility to win.

I would like to show you the very easy way:

All these information in details can be found on our website

Please visit it and don’t lose an occasion so pleasant and interesting!! We count on you!!

Note: For eventual doubts or requests of clarifications, please contact, only in English Diana:

Anna Maria Torlontano
Chairman, WBF Women’s Committee