You pick up:  K J  A K Q 10 8  Q J 9  K Q 4

Nice hand. You are dealer, so you open 1. Lefty (the opponent on your left) passes, and your partner bids 4. Righty (the opponent on your right) now annoyingly bids 4. You are vulnerable, they are not. It is perhaps not so obvious what to do, but you bid 5, Lefty bids 5, which is passed around to you. You double.

 Ace of hearts is the obvious open lead, and dummy comes down with

10 4 2

A K 6 2   
J 8 6 3 2
  K J 
A K Q 10 8 
Q J 9 

K Q 4

 Declarer ruffs the opening heart lead.

Time to count. If declarer started with zero hearts, how many hearts did your partner start with?

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