The Southamerican TransNational in the Chilean news


emol deportesMonday, May 19, 2014, 16:34

On Tuesday, will start the tournament that brings the best exponents of the continent… Venue: Sheraton hotel.

SANTIAGO – . This Tuesday, in Santiago, will begin the 5th South American Transnational Bridge Championship , the event , which ends on Saturday , will bring together many of the best bridge players of the world in the Sheraton hotel .

The Transnational Teams event will be disputed in two categories: Open and Ladies. Chilean men will be represented by Marcelo Caracci , Roberto García , Benjamín Robles, Joaquín Pacareu and José Robles.

Meanwhile, the National Women are: Hilda Bahna , Lisi Covarrubias , Adriana Deik , Paula Riedel, Odeth Yanine and Monica Yussem .

Hilda Bahna , who last December was voted the best of the season by the Journalists Association, told Emol «We are with great expectations . Though the Brazilian and the Argentine players are really brave, and have spent many years with Bridge if we beat them we have many chances to win the South American . «

She added: » we get together every week to train with different teams and we are well prepared .»