The Secret is in the Timing Part 4

Pedro Paulo Assumpçao
Pedro Paulo Assumpçao

The Secret is in the Timing Part 4 by Pedro Paulo Assumpçao

«When more that one play is needed to make the contract, give special thought to the best sequence. The order may be no less important than the plays themselves».

«At no trump, to attack first the entries of the danger hand is a common stratagem, in a suit contract the play tends to be less obvious»


Q 10
A 8 6
9 6 4 2
9 5 4 3




J 9 4 2
K 10 8 7 3
Q 10 6


A 6 4 3
Q 10 5 3
A Q 5
J 7


K J 9 8 7 2
K 7
A K 8 2


South plays in 4 after East has opened 1NT (13 a 15). The defence begins with a A followed by Q.

In a heat of the Phillip Morris pairs, most of the South players rushed straight to their doom. They led a trump to the Q and A, ruffed the third diamond, and ran out of steam when they found the trumps 4/1. There was no time now to enjoy the fourth round of clubs

At only one table did the declarer appreciate that West was likely to hold the long diamonds and was therefore the danger hand. His possible entry must be driven out first.

The best sequence, after the second diamond has been ruffed, is A, heart to A, club to K, third round of clubs. West forces again, but when East comes in with the A he has no diamond to lead.

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