Pedro Paulo Assumpçao

«The Secret is in the Timing» by Pedro Paulo Assumpçao

«When more that one play is needed to make the contract, give special thought to the best sequence. The order may be no less important than the plays themselves».

Dealer: South North/South Vulnerable


10 6 5
K 6 4
8 4 2
K 9 8 2




Q 9 4
J 10 8
Q J 5 3
Q 10 4


J 7
A 9 7 3 2
10 6
J 6 5 3


A K 8 3 2
Q 5
A K 9 7
A 7


The Bidding:















Paso 4
Paso Paso Paso  


Contract: 4

Lead: J

West leads the J and You win with the Q. You hope for a 3-2 trump break, but you may still need to look after the fourth diamond. You want to be able to ruff the last opponents to play three rounds of trumps and you must take care not to be overruffed by the hand that has only a doubleton spade.

The question is, what is the best timing?

It would be a mistake to draw two rounds of trumps early on, and also a mistake to begin with three rounds of diamonds, allowing East to overruff dummy on the fourth round.

The right sequence is to duck a diamond at trick two!. When you regain the lead you cash A and K of trumps and go on your way rejoicing

By ferlema