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The Saga Continues: Very Last Breaking News


The Israel Bridge Federation’s special ethics committee dealing with allegations of cheating by IBF members Lotan Fisher and Ron Schwartz has just released its Decision No. 3 in which it rejects Fisher and Schwartz’s challenge to its authority and said its letter of appointment is valid and in force.brogeland fisher schwartz

The committee also said that «a large number of documents detailing complaints about acts of severe fraud and cheating carried out by Mr. Fisher and Mr. Schwartz,» adding that various documents described two different methods allegedly employed by the pair — by Fisher allegedly coughing during the auction, and  by passing unauthorized information after the end of the auction to the opening leader by manipulating the «game tray» (unclear to translator if this means the board or the tray containing the board and bidding slots) in order to signal a particular suit.

In addition, the committee said that because the IBF was responsible to the Israeli courts system, it (the committee) would not reach decisions for the period of seven days, to allow Mr. Fisher and Mr. Schwartz to turn to authorized Israeli courts, and that if no court forbids it from doing so, the committee will continue its deliberations.

Here’s the link to the official English translation of the decision: Click Here



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