Israel bridge federation B y NTenth Decision of the Special Ethics Committee

Committee members:

Adv. David Fohrer — Chairman

Adv. Asher Akselrod — IBF Legal counsel

Mr. Modi Kenigsberg — IBF President

Mr. Eitan Levy — EBL board member

Mr. Adrian Shwartz


1. The hearings set for today, 8.11.15, and for 10.11.15, are canceled.

2. New dates will be scheduled.brogeland fisher schwartz

3. The reason for the rescheduling is that on 6.11.15 Mr. Fisher and Mr. Schwartz filed a casino response document (34 pages long), and today ,8.11.15, at noon, Mr. Fisher and Mr. Schwartz filed another document (hundreds of pages long).

4. The Committee decides to hold the hearings after it will have sufficient time to review the materials submitted by Mr. Fisher and Mr. Schwartz.