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Bridge Winners has learned that Lotan Fisher, Ron Schwartz, Fulvio Fantoni, and Claudio Nunes have had their ACBL memberships suspended, pending hearings on charges brought before the ACBL Ethical Oversight Committee. The suspension is pursuant to CDR §6.1 and prevents them from playing either together or separately in any ACBL event. The EOC hearings on Fisher-Schwarz and Fantoni-Nunes have been postponed, at the request of the charged parties, until the 2016 Spring NABC in Reno.
There is no news from the EOC about Piekarek-Smirnov or Balicki-Zmudzinski.

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Gary, you beat me to it – I’ll have to type faster 🙂
I hope no client ever hires any of them again. Anyone who has connection with the IRS-doubt they have ever paid US taxes on their payments-for people who do not know-at their level-these payments are 150-200,000/year! All in cash.
Well, Donald, that’s really cute. If you can’t destroy them one way, let’s try another way?I’d be curious how many pros from all countries have honestly reported their income. I would suggest that this is where stones and glass houses come into play.

Well, if people are cheating on their taxes, let’s get that out in the open too. Even if the numbers are 100 million or more. In fact, my FB feed contains the question: “If we can catch these people cheating at bridge, why can’t the IRS run the simple counting software (offered to them for free) that instantly spots any numbers that are in the slightest ”made up.»

Listen to Demetri Martin explain why ONLY people in glass houses should throw stones…–findings