The Risk of not Wanting to take Risks

Cédric Lorenzini-Thibault Coudert
Cédric Lorenzini-Thibault Coudert

July 20th 2013

In today’s competitive bridge, not accepting risks, condemns you to failure, since other competitors will:

The risk of not wanting to take risks.

There are times in the table in which you have to take decisions without having all the information you want to have. It is not entirely clear what the right decision is, but you have to make a decision.

In this uncertainty a good bridge player does not lock himself and make the decision that considers most appropriate, knowing that there is the possibility of not succeeding.

Today ended the 24th European Youth Team Championships and France won in Juniors and Girls. In Juniors, in the Round 20 of 21, France defeated the strong Italian team and this is one of the hands that gave the team 15 IMPs, showing all kibitzers that a victory is the sum of many good choices, but among them there are always some that outperform the others.

 Round 20; Board 7:

 Bernard for France (vul vs vul) decided to exert maximum pressure and opened his hand with a 3 bid.

 Gandoglia (ITA) showed his hearts and Kilani closed the spade game: 4 . Donati  doubled showing some values without heart and West showed his strength and good heart suit declaring 5. North with five spades cards, three heart cards (his partner had to be short) and without defensive values forced to the 5th level: final contract 5 doubled.

 Declarer lost a heart, a diamond and a club. In this table Italy scored 200.

 At the other table Zanasi (ITA) more timidly, opened his hand with a 2 bid and Coudert (FRA) chose to double.

 Di Franco (ITA) now thought he was responsible to exercise sufficient pressure to hinder the transmission of information in the hope that France will not reach its optimal contract. As he saw that the slam was a possibility almost certain he decided to occupy the 5th level with a 5 bid. Lorenzino (ITA) doubled to show some defense values.

But it was West who exceeded all kibitzers expectations, when he decided that North’s interruption at the 5th level + vulnerable was a clear message and get the 6 card over the table.

After the A lead and dummy over the table, declarer must have felt a great satisfaction … similar to when you open a parachute after a free fall… well done by Coudert. In this table Italy scored +1430.

This is what happened in all the Junior Tables with this board:

Table Home Team Visiting Team Room Cont. Decl. Lead Tricks NS EW Home  Vis 
ISRAEL  AUSTRIA  Open 4♠x  ♥A   10  790    10   
Closed 6NT  ♣Q   300   
ENGLAND  POLAND  Open 6♠x  ♥A   10    500    15 
Closed 4♠x  ♥K   10  790   
BELGIUM  NORWAY  Open 6NT  ♥9   300     
Closed 4♠  ♥K   10  620   
SWEDEN  CROATIA  Open 5♠x  ♥A   10    200  10   
Closed 5♥  ♠8   12    680 
TURKEY  ROMANIA  Open 4♠  ♦4   10  620    19   
Closed 6♥  ♦A   12    1430 
SERBIA  FINLAND  Open 4♠x  ♥K     200   
Closed 5♠x  ♥10     500 
GERMANY  CZECH REP Open 5♠  ♥A     200    14 
Closed 4♠x  ♥A   10  790   
DENMARK  BULGARIA  Open 5♠x  ♥K   10    200   
Closed 5♠  ♥A   10    100 
BELARUS  IRELAND  Open 4♠x  ♥6   10  790    19   
Closed 6♥  ♣3   12    1430 
10  ITALY  FRANCE  Open 6♥  ♦A   12    1430    15 
Closed 5♠x  ♥A   10    200 
11  NETHERLANDS  HUNGARY  Open 5♥  ♣6   12    680     
Closed 5♥  ♠4   12    680