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The Reisinger by Fulvio Fantoni

End of the qualification stage:

Hi 😆
The qualification stage ended and between the teams that reach the Semifinal we are in the fifth position. The only particular event of the qualification stage was the risk of elimination for Nickell team. Anyway they succeeded in reaching the following stage and now they are going to fight for the victory, as always.

While I am writing, my team-mates are playing the first semifinal session; at 19.30 local time we are going to play the second session, at the end of which ten teams will reach the final stage. The last two sessions of the final stage will be played on Sunday.
BAM scoring system is particular and merciless and requires a lot of attention, courage and also a bit of luck.
This is an example of a board in which the scoring system is crucial to determine the choice of the contract and the result as well:

1= 14+ or 15+ bal.
2= GF 10+ with 5+

The choice to bid 3NT instead of 4 comes from the fact that in…

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