The Plan XXXVIII by Tim Bourke


IBPA Column Service example 864

Dealer East. E/W Vul.

 K 10 9
 A 9 6 4
 A K 7 5
 5 4
 8 6 2
 J 9 4
 K J 10 9 8 2
 K Q J 10 8
 Q 10 8 6 3
 A Q
 A Q J 7 5 3
 7 5 3
 7 6 3

The Auction:

West North East South
1 2
Pass 4 End

West led the singleton two of hearts. Declarer rose with the ace of hearts and then cashed the ace and king of diamonds, throwing a heart from hand.

Next declarer advanced a club and East won the trick with the Q. East cashed the king of hearts and continued with the queen of the suit.

Declarer ruffed high and West threw the J. East won the club exit with the ace and played the J. Declarer ruffed high, ruffed a club and cashed the king and ten of trumps.

Dummy was left with two diamonds while declarer had the ace and seven of trumps remaining. Declarer ruffed a diamond with the seven of trumps but West overruffed with the eight for the fourth defensive trick.

“That was unlucky,” declarer offered by way of excuse for making only nine tricks. “Luck had nothing to do with the result,” said an unsympathetic North.

“All you had to do was ruff a diamond at trick four rather than play a club. When you play a club next, the defenders are helpless. If they followed the same defensive plan you are a trick ahead in the play.

After ruffing a club in dummy and cashing the king-ten of trump you will have only one diamond left in dummy and the ace of trumps in hand. You will make six trumps, the ace of hearts, two diamonds and a club ruff.”