The Law of Three Even and Three Odd by GS Jade Barrett

Jade Barrett
Jade Barrett

Each player’s individual hand must contain three even length or three odd length suits, each suit must break three even or three odd around the table.

This is a mathematical law. Whenever an odd number of things is divided into four groups, there cannot be four odd numbers or four even numbers; there cannot be two even numbers AND two odd numbers.

Consider the following distributional patterns:

A) 8311               B) 6421               C) 5521               D) 4432         

E) 5332                F) 7222

There are three 3 odd hands and three 3 even hands. For the purposes of evaluation, voids are considered even (I hate arguing with mathematicians about this).

A) 9400               B) 7501               C) 7330               D) 5530

E) 5440                F) 6430

In these cases there are also three 3 odd hands and three 3 even hands.

I use this information to help me count the hand out virtually immediately.