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The Language of Bridge Online

Source: ACBL

Bridge players on the Internet have created a language of abbreviations, a bridge shorthand, to quickly relay a message during on-line play. Here are some of the more popular sayings. Note that using all capital letters translates into YELLING:
AFAIK – As far as I know
AFK — Away from keyboard
BRB — Be right back
BTW — By the way
CC — Convention Card
CU – See you
CUL8R – See you later
DIC — Director in Charge
F2F — Face-to-face (not computer
FFTQ — Feel free to quote
FWIW – For what it’s worth
GD or GDP – Good defense, partner
GL — Good luck
GLP — Good luck, partner
GTG – Got to go
HI — Hello
IIRC — If I remember correctly
IMHO — In my humble opinion
IMO — In my opinion
IMNSHO – In my not so humble opinion
LOL — Laughing out loud
NABC — North American Bridge
N — No
NP — No problem
O/E — Odd/even discard
Opp — Opponent
Opps — Opponents
Pd or Pard — Partner
Rehi — Hello again
RKC — Roman Key Card Blackwood
ROFL — Rolling on the floor laughing
SAYC — Standard American Yellow
Card (bidding system)
SRY — Sorry
TD — Tournament director
THX or TX — Thanks
TKS — Thanks
TU or TY — Thank you
TYP — Thank you, partner
UD — Upside down
UDCA — Upside down count and
Ur — Your
VWD or VWDP – Very well done, very
well done, partner
WD — Well done
WDP — Well done, partner
WDO — Well done, opponent(s)
WTG — Way to go!
Y — Yes
ZT —


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