Charo y Malena

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Last year, the prestigious Cavendish Invitational was played for the first time in Monaco. The Cavendish moved from Las Vegas because of an agreement between Bridge World Productions and the Monaco Bridge Federation. This year’s tournament will be hosted again in Monaco from: 21 to 25 October 2013. Jean-Charles Allavena, President of the Monaco Bridge Federation, announced an interesting novelty: the Cavendish Ladies Category.

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Very few days after the announcement, the Argentine ladies bridge pair: Charo Garateguy – Malena Iacapraro received the formal invitation to participate in the first edition of this event and they will depart to Monaco in a few days. Before their departure Fernando Lema filmed this interview where Charo and Malena tells us about how pride they are for the invitation and talk about their expectations. From here we wish them merde…and we want to tell to all their fans that  will be reporting on the event day by day, hour by hour …

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