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The Italian way to Trials

A new idea has sprung up in the programs of the candidates to the Italian federal election: the next selection to World and European championships have to be by trials, no longer by call. Many pounced upon it, however some experiences of the past advise do not afford to this. In 1962 Italy lost nothing less than Forquet-Garozzo; they were recovered only because the captain Carl’Alberto Perroux had beforehand reserved to himself the right to call one pair. In 1970 Perroux resigned, thus in that year none saved Italy from sending the weaker team ever seen in Bermuda Bowl.

But we are now in 2012, throughout a new age: by trials, the American found a wonderful young team who went straight to the final in 2011 Bermuda Bowl, losing only against Holland which had beat Italy too. Then it’s clear that we have to forget the past and look forward: we have to have trials; the only doubt is whether the Italian Trials should be by teams or by pairs.

Teams trials look the logic selection for a team event: to continue reading Click here


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