Hanan Sher

August 30 2015, Israel

This is a copy of the official Israel Bridge Federation document opening an inquiry into the Fisher-Schwartz accusations.

The management of the Israel Bridge Federation (IBF) hereby appoints a Special Ethics Committee (hereinafter the «Committee«).

The management of the Israeli Bridge Federation further orders as follows:

  1. The members of the Committee shall be Adv. David Fohrer, Adv. Asher Akselrod, Mr. Modi Koenigsberg, Mr. Eitan Levy and Mr. Adrian Shwartz.  Adv. Fohrer shall be the chairman of the Committee.
  2. During the course of its work, the Committee shall take any measures that it deems fit in order to investigate the allegations raised and that may be raised, directly and indirectly, regarding the actions of Mr. Lotan Fischer and Mr. Ron Schwartz while participating in the game of Bridge in Israel and elsewhere.
  3. The Committee is given absolute discretion in the use of its authority.
  4. The Committee shall establish its work procedures and all aspects relating to its work.
  5. The Committee shall submit a report on its decisions.
  6. The Committee’s decisions shall be binding upon the IBF and Mr. Fischer and Mr. Schwartz.
  7. The Committee’s decisions shall be final, binding and without appeal and shall be subject to no other form of procedure within the IBF. This shall not derogate from any authority by a judicial court.
  8. The IBF will provide any resources required to facilitate the work of the Committee.
  9. The coordinator of the Committee shall be Mrs. Oryah Meir – CEO of the Israel Bridge Federation.
  10. The Committee shall be entitled to appoint an additional member, whether foreign or Israeli.
  11. The IBF thanks the Committee members for their participation