The French Bridge Federation invites clubs to participate in a national bridge promotional campaign from 1 July to 4 November 2012. Actions, tools and ideas for clubs to prepare a campaign to promote bridge … The FFB and bridge clubs meet at a single effort: Bridge … you’ll be surprised!


– Recruiting new players
– Draw bridge players not yet federated to discover the competitive bridge.

It offers bridge clubs a range of promotional «turnkey» items, for each to select what they consider appropriate for their environment:

– Discovering bridge (in clubs and activities at various public places …)
– Sponsorship: «Lets Bridge together» (club tournaments for players federated or not)
– Marketing: «Welcome Federation» (for new members, subject to conditions)

Each club may select one or more of these elements. It is possible, for example, organizing open days, or a tournament and offer the possibility of federation as welcome to visitors.

The Federation will provide support and inform the media each of these events.

These actions revolve around a communication campaign: «Bridge, you’ll be surprised! «. A campaign with a new design, new media, and new relationships with national and regional press.